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Room Information

Relaxing relaxing Japanese space

We have a twin western style, a Japanese-style room between 2 and a Japanese-style room away.
Apart from that, there is a room of the hearth.You can see the garden full of greenery from the window.

Room list

The rooms are three types, western style room, Japanese style room and distance Japanese style room.
  • 【Western-style Room】Twin Western-style room

    ◆Room Information
    Western-style room with twin beds
  • 【Japanese-style room】Spacious Japanese style room between 2

    ◆Room Information
    It is a Japanese-style room with 2 intervals.
    Japanese-style rooms are available on the 1st floor and 2nd floor.
  • 【Semi open-air bath with detached Japanese style room】A scenery of nostalgic hometown

    ◆Room Information
    Japanese-style room with 2 intervals
    Rooms with fireplace(10 square meters + board space 10 square meters)
    Rooms with no hearth(14 square meters + 4.9 square meters)
  • ~The courtyard is also in the facility~

    Quiet accommodation wrapped in green.The garden full of greenery can be seen from the room.Every June in the beginning of June it is the best time for fireflies, in the courtyard you can see "the light of faintly flickering fireflies"

List of facilities of guest room

Number of rooms

16 rooms in total:Western-style room 9 rooms / Japanese-style room 7 rooms
Western-style breakdown:9 twin rooms(-)

Room supplement

From February 2022, smoking will be prohibited except for some rooms.
In response to the recent increase in health consciousness
We have decided to ban smoking in guest rooms as follows.

Japanese style room...All Rooms Non-Smoking
Japanese-style room...All Rooms Non-Smoking
Western-style Room...Partially non-smoking

Hell,Thank you for your understanding,
Thank you for your continued patronage.

Standard room facilities

Some rooms bathroom toilet/All rooms are air-conditioned/TV set/DVD player/refrigerator(Paid beverages available)

Internet related

All rooms available
[PC rental]No
[Internet connection]Free
All rooms are Wi-Fi accessible


Face towel/Toothbrush and toothpaste/bath towel/shampoo/rinse/Body soap/Soap/pajamas/Hairdryer/Duvet/Shaving/Shower toilet/Cotton swab/brush

Facility content


Service & Leisure (including arrangement)


Credit cards available locally

JCB / VISA / Master / American Express / UC / DC / Diners / Saison

Cashless payment that can be used locally

Pay Pay can be used.

Standard check-in time


Standard Check out time


Supplement for amenity

·In place of the yukata, we offer a Samue. ·We also have a kurukuri dryer.